Zero-swing excavators – THE BEST CHOICE in tight spots

Takeuchi’s zero-swing excavators are the ideal solution for confined or difficult-to-manoeuvre construction sites offering a more compact tail-swing radius, extensive range of equipment and offset boom.

Zero-swing excavators – Turning your construction site around

The tail-swing radius is the space that the upper body of an excavator needs to rotate through 360°. During rotation, the upper body of zero-swing excavators does not extend beyond the machine’s undercarriage. The smaller the excavator, the better its manoeuvrability and efficiency on construction sites. With a tail-swing radius of only 2,310 mm, the TB 138 FR is our most compact model and is ideal where space is limited. Its outstanding manoeuvrability, offset boom and small swing radius make it the perfect choice for confined work sites, while its attachments and features allow for a highly variable range of work. The hydraulic quick-hitch system makes changing tools and attachments – including various buckets, demolition hammer, attachment compactor and power spade – quick and easy.  Rapid tool changes are further supported by the TAKLOCK quick-hitch system for smooth, easy changeover of hydraulic attachments. The practical Powertilt motor rotates the fitted attachment by 180°, thereby reducing the number of travel motions performed by the excavator. As you can see, there are many reasons to opt for one of our models!

Powerful engine – Great clean performance

Efficiency is a top priority in Takeuchi’s zero-swing excavators – and their engines are no exception. We designed the engines of our zero-swing excavators to offer just the right amount of power needed while considering the environment. The TB 153 FR, for example, comes with a powerful 28.9 kW diesel engine which combines high performance and low fuel consumption. The high-mounted exhaust pipe prevents damage to façades and hedges. As an additional benefit for colleagues, people working near the machine are not directly exposed to the exhaust fumes. To stay cool in the heat of the moment, generous oil and water coolers ensure optimum cooling – for example, in the TB 153 FR zero-swing excavator.

Perfectly designed for efficient work

Takeuchi zero-swing excavators are always on your side. The articulated offset boom of the upper body offers maximum flexibility. After all, working on lateral shafts requires maximum lifting capacity combined with stability. Our zero-swing excavators provide this stability with a centre of gravity located in the lower part of the machine. Based on the compact, powerful Powertilt swivel motor available as an optional feature, all zero-swing excavators are particularly versatile in their uses.

Always on the spot

The optional TAKLOCK quick-hitch system allows all hydraulic lines to be connected or disconnected simultaneously, speeding up the pace at your worksite. This saves valuable time when attaching hydraulic tools. The power spade is the ideal addition to your range of scoops and buckets. With this tool, our zero-swing excavators perform even the most complex work instantly with the utmost precision. The TB 153 FR, for example, has two controlled auxiliary circuits up to the arm cylinder, which make for particularly easy handling. Individual and proportional control of the hydraulic auxiliary circuits 1 and 2 allow efficient use of multipurpose and sorting grabs, making switching between opening and closing or turning right and left a thing of the past. The auxiliary cycle 1 offers a maximum flow rate of 58.3 l/min.

Zero-swing excavators – safety first!

Daily load-lifting operations impose tough demands on modern construction machinery. Given this, safety was our top priority when devising the standard equipment. Pipe rupture protection and load-holding valves on both the lifting cylinder and the bucket arm cylinder form part of our high safety standards. On request, safety can be further improved by fitting optional load hooks.

Zero-swing excavators – Getting things moving

Outstandingly stable, always on the move. The undercarriage design significantly contributes to the stability of the TB 138 FR and our other models: further convincing benefits include long lifetime thanks to the choice of premium components for the undercarriage, such as triple flanged track rollers and short-pitch chains. In addition, our zero-swing excavators require minimum repair and maintenance, lowering the total operating costs. For example, the rubber, steel or gio-grip tracks can be replaced quickly and easily without complicated undercarriage adjustments.

Tested for long and harsh use

High torsion resistance of the support and dozer blades play a major role in load-lifting operation, and zero-swing excavators are no exception. In this respect, the TB 138 FR now offers even more. The double-wall blade hinged to the excavator by the robust box-section arm has been optimised and lengthened, thereby increasing stability and ensuring maximum safety. The attached blade and improved profile ensure perfect levelling results. The hydraulic blade cylinder further offers solid protection, reflecting the proverbial Takeuchi durability that makes our excavators stand out from the competition.

Leading excavators for excavator operators – Takeuchi quality at its best

Operators who have worked with our excavators know the difference. Takeuchi construction machinery offers crucial advantages: our excavators are powerful, efficient, reliable and highly user-friendly. These qualities benefit you in your daily work and pay off in the long run.

To ensure the consistent quality of our excavators both now and in the future, we take our customers’ requirements into account in each new and further development, creating the ideal conditions for their everyday work. In addition, the hallmark Takeuchi design and construction also offers maximum durability. Turn it any way you want – Takeuchi’s zero-swing excavators are the best choice for all worksites!

Find out more on the pages for the individual models, or contact your authorised Takeuchi dealer.