Track loaders – Keeping your operations on track

Takeuchi also sets new standards for track loaders, with models that combine outstanding traction, thrust and lifting capacities. Other key features of Takeuchi’s track loaders include optimum ground clearance and low ground pressure. Yet, even our most compact track loader model – the TL 6 R – can lift and shift a standard pallet of paving stones as delivered over the entire lifting range. And our TL 12 V2 is ideally suited for using 2D or 3D flattening systems with dozer or grader blade.

Track loaders … LOADING … LOADING … LOADING?

Takeuchi’s track loaders are mighty machines which are second to none. Take our top model, the TL 12 V2 track loader. With maximum traction, thrust and lifting capacities, it delivers the best possible performance even in difficult conditions. Benefit from the outstanding flexibility and improved efficiency offered by its excellent material handling. The supremely rugged vertical lifting system enables high-precision work to be carried out. Takeuchi TL 12 V2 compact track loader  – a class of its own.

Track loaders – Special features as standard

With a high-flow hydraulic system as standard and a flow rate of 153 l/min, even the basic auxiliary hydraulic system for the Takeuchi TL 12 V2 track loader meets the highest demands. The track loader also has an oil drain line. It’s so simple for track loader operators to set the flow rate of the auxiliary hydraulic system and save the settings for up to three different hydraulic attachments. The quick-hitch system makes changing tools and attachments fast and easy. Takeuchi’s track loaders come with a large number of attachments to maximise their versatility.

Takeuchi’s track loaders – All-terrain heroes

The design of the undercarriage of our track loaders meets the high demands placed on the Takeuchi models in terms of maneuverability required in all types of terrain. The undercarriage is permanently welded to the chassis for outstanding stability. The powertrain and undercarriage of our Takeuchi track loaders are not located directly on the base chassis but higher up to avoid material build-up under the chain track and keep dirt to a minimum. The reduced tensile and pressure loads acting on the individual track links provide durability that is second to none even in this class of construction machinery. The design of the undercarriage was fine-tuned to further enhance resilience. But the hallmark quality features of Takeuchi’s track loaders are equally impressive – such as the TL 12 V2 with fully hydrostatic drive unit. Steel plates are embedded in the track as running treads for the flanged rollers, enabling the rugged undercarriage to deliver top performance in difficult terrain and on gravel or scree-heavy surfaces.

Track loaders – The perfect overview

Want to keep an eye on everything happening at your worksite at all times? Understood! We’ve equipped all Takeuchi track loaders with four work lights and rear wipers. Rear-view and blind-spot mirrors give a perfect 360° view, and the rear-view camera even provides eyes in the back of your loader, because whenever you reverse the display automatically switches to camera mode. Of course, Takeuchi track loaders offer all these and many other special features as standard.


Takeuchi track loaders are always on your side. Boasting a powerful common-rail diesel engine with turbocharger, the TL 12 V2 track loader meets the EPA Tier 4 emission standard.  Exhaust gas cleaning is effected via a DOC catalytic converter, a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and an SCR catalytic converter (AdBlue). The TL12 V2 also offers an ECO mode. When this mode is activated the machine runs at reduced speed, thereby saving fuel without compromising on performance. Now that’s what we call a clean solution!

Track loaders – Excellence extends to serviceability!

All Takeuchi track loaders make servicing a smooth procedure, with a tiltable cab for easy access to the engine. The swivel-mounted radiator unit with combi-cooler simplifies and speeds up cleaning. The battery can also be accessed quickly and easily through a service cover.

Track loaders – Staying clean even when things get messy

The air filters of our track loaders come with pre-cleaner and double air-filter elements. The pre-cleaner is a pre-filter element for preliminary cleaning of the intake air. In other words, Takeuchi track loaders do not shy away from dirty jobs and can also be used in high-dust environments.

Leading track loaders for excavator operators – Takeuchi quality at its best

As operators who have worked with our track loaders know, Takeuchi’s professional machines offer critical advantages. Our track loaders are powerful, efficient, reliable and extremely user-friendly, all qualities that benefit you in your daily work and pay off in the long run. To ensure the consistent quality of our track loaders both now and in the future, we take our customers’ requirements into account in each new and further development, creating the ideal conditions for their everyday work. And Takeuchi’s hallmark design further focuses on maximum durability and efficiency.

Come and see for yourself! Dirty, uneven and dusty, rough terrain or challenging conditions – Takeuchi’s track loaders are still going strong where others have long since ground to a halt.

Find out more about the individual track loaders on this website or contact your authorised Takeuchi dealer.