Mobile excavators – no obstacle too big!

Takeuchi has reinvented the wheel – eight times over! With a solid base of eight standard tyres (twin tyres 8.25-20), nothing knocks the TB 295 W mobile excavator off balance.

Mobile excavators – Setting new standards in stability

The excavator boasts outstanding stability during work operations. Its driving comfort is likewise a winner. The free-floating axle has a swing angle of 2 x 7.5° to ensure the TB 295 W glides with ease over even the roughest terrain. Given this, the mobile excavator is a welcome assistant whenever the going gets tough: in civil or structural engineering, for gardening and landscaping jobs or in waterways maintenance, when rivers and watercourses have to be rehabilitated or newly created, or embankments have to be maintained. It therefore comes as no surprise that Takeuchi’s mobile excavator is recommended by many experienced excavators.

Discover the new helper for your worksite – reliable, versatile and ready for use: the Takeuchi TB 295 W mobile excavator.

Mobile excavators – The cleanest way of taking on the dirty work

Takeuchi’s mobile excavator offers flexibility in terms of both terrain and performance. Its diesel engine is a newly developed 4-cylinder in-line engine with displacement of 3.62 l and output of 85 kW, which fully complies with the applicable Stage 4 exhaust regulations. If you need maximum power output at your worksite, all you have to do is activate the mobile excavator’s PWR module. However, maximum power output is only needed for around 10% of typical excavator operations; the majority of activities can be performed in the excavator’s ECO mode, with reduced fuel consumption and lower noise levels. You don’t even have to remember to step off the gas – the mobile excavator automatically goes into ECO mode at every restart. In other words, you must actively select the PWR mode. Automatic resetting of the engine speed, the DOC catalytic converter and the selective catalytic converter (SCR) for exhaust gas purification ensure a further reduction in diesel consumption – and thus serve active environmental protection. Incidentally, the level of harmful nitrogen oxides in exhaust emissions is further reduced by AdBlue injection into the exhaust system upstream of the SCR and the active diesel particulate diffuser (DPD).

Mobile excavator – four circuits for a constant flow rate

Takeuchi has come up with a host of good ideas to smooth your work as an excavator operator. Take the possibility to set the flow rate for three different attachments and save it with an icon, for example. This significantly facilitates handling still further, enabling you to see at a glance which attachment has been selected. High-flow hydraulics with rates of 120 l/min on auxiliary circuit 1 give an additional boost to operational efficiency. The continuous duty mode for attachments that are operated over longer intervals is a particularly convenient feature. Need to change attachments more frequently? With programmable litre volumes for auxiliary circuits 1, 2 and 4, the flow rate can be adjusted in the blink of an eye – and even saved to be called up whenever you need it.

Mobile excavators – Full control at a glance

Want to stay in the picture about what’s happening at your worksite? No problem with the LCD of our TB 295 W mobile excavator: a quick look at the main screen brings you up to date about the machine’s current operating status. The main screen also shows the litre settings for the first auxiliary circuit – even 24/7 if you want. Our day-night design ensures excellent readability, no matter if and how brightly the sun is shining. The excavator’s control elements are effortless to operate for maximum convenience. For example, all joysticks in our mobile excavator are ergonomically arranged, and feature proportional drive and hydraulic control of the auxiliary hydraulic circuits 1, 2 and 4, to allow both sensitive and precise handling. But how can operating the mobile excavator be made even more convenient? That’s easy – the engine speed is controlled via the accelerator pedal and cruise control, for forward driving at speed levels 1 to 4. Why not try it for yourself?

Mobile excavator – Outstanding special features

The optional TAKLOCK quick-hitch system allows all attachments to be connected or disconnected simultaneously, speeding up your work. This saves valuable time when attaching hydraulic tools. Other features that make your work faster and easier include the hydraulic quick-hitch for smooth tool changes, the power spade and the Symlock and LC tools. As you can see, our mobile excavator and its usability and versatility will benefit you in multiple ways.

Mobile excavators – Takeuchi quality at its best

Bring more dynamism to your worksite with the flexible Takeuchi mobile excavator. You’ll be delighted at its unique quality – from development to meticulous design and workmanship. Not forgetting excellent customer service!

Find out more about the TB 295 W mobile excavator on this website or contact your authorised Takeuchi dealer.