Mini-Excavators – Powerful lightweights

Want to make work in a confined space easier? Go for a Takeuchi mini-excavator. These compact excavators come into their own where space is tight, making them popular little helpers in gardening and landscaping jobs and for construction work in the city!

Mini-excavators – Little helpers with a huge impact

Takeuchi’s mini-excavators are extremely manoeuvrable, yet so powerful that they do a great job where space is limited at a premium – indoors from roof to basement or in small trenches for line installation. And with a huge variety of convenient attachments, Takeuchi mini-excavators are flexible enough for many different uses. At a width of only 750 mm, Takeuchi’s smallest mini excavator, the TB 210 R, fits through any entrance! And weighing in at a mere 1 to 6 t, the mini-excavators are so easy to transport to and from worksites. Even the mini excavator TB 225 can simply be loaded onto a trailer!

Discover our mini-excavators – and experience the surprising power and large array of applications for these intelligently designed construction machines.

Mini-excavators – With powerful diesel engines for maximum strength

The modern 3-cylinder diesel engine of our smallest model, the TB 210 R mini excavator, is a powerhouse delivering 8.7 kW (11.8 hp) coupled with low fuel consumption and low emissions. Excavator operators also appreciate its benefits in terms of convenience, including low noise and vibration levels. Its slightly bigger brother, the TB 240, has a rugged 26.0 kW (36 hp) diesel engine – and is naturally also available with a diesel particulate filter. This unit boosts efficiency to the max. Whatever the power mode selected, the engine immediately delivers the maximum output. The machine offers outstandingly low wear, plus low fuel consumption and low noise levels thanks to its ECO mode and automatic resetting of the engine speed. The high-mounted exhaust pipe prevents damage to façades and hedges by scattering the exhaust fume. It also protects people in the vicinity of the excavator from direct exposure to the exhaust fumes.

Hybrid mini-excavators – Twice the power

If power and environmental protection are equal priorities, make Takeuchi’s unique mini-excavators with electric/diesel hybrid drive your solution of choice. With these clever machines, there’s no need to resort to manual work to avoid emissions – not even in structural restorations or strip-outs. The TB 216 hybrid mini-excavator, for example, has a combined diesel and electric drive unit and is ideal for efficient use in indoor and outdoor operations. The hybrid mini offers dual utilisation and is simple to handle. As a unique feature, operation in its electric and diesel mode are identical. Engine speed is always controlled via the accelerator. No additional servicing work is involved, as the electric drive unit is completely maintenance-free. And the excavator offers the same output in electric mode as in diesel operation, at 10.6 kW (14.4 hp). In addition, it ensures top-level safety and creates a very pleasant workplace – free from exhaust emissions, low-noise, comfortable and convenient.

Mini-excavators – Excellently equipped

All Takeuchi models offer the flexible equipment and high convenience that has made our brand legendary – and our mini-excavators are no exception. Take the TB 210 R. We’ve come up with a few good ideas to make your work more efficient. The standard auxiliary circuit has been moved to the arm cylinder for effective protection, while the boom is equipped with a work light. For maximum damage protection, the boom cylinder has been moved to the back and the hose line installed inside the boom. The dual-action auxiliary circuit – especially designed for reversible attachments – further boosts the efficiency of your work. In addition, the mini-excavator TB 210 R can also be supplied with the MS01 mechanical quick-hitch system on request.

Mini-excavators – Maximum safety and efficiency

The support and dozer blade of our mini-excavator is made of torsion-free steel, guaranteeing high stability and perfect results in levelling work. Further safety features include the oval lashing eyes on the dozer blade and the solid cylinder guard preventing damage from falling material. Two-piece supply lines to the dozer blade allow for fast hose replacement in case of damage, and thus efficient servicing.

Mini-excavators – Smooth (worksite) operators

The high-quality undercarriage is designed to offer multiple benefits: short-pitch rubber track and 3-flange rollers minimise vibration during operation. Tasks such as levelling can be completed faster and more effectively using the automatic load-based speed-range selector. A long lifetime and low operating costs are guaranteed by the choice of premium components for the undercarriage plus minimum repair and maintenance needs. Here too, Takeuchi mini-excavators outdo their rivals in flexibility: the universal undercarriages enable a whole variety of different track types to be fitted. No time-consuming conversion needed.

Mini-excavators – Straightforward, fast servicing

At your service for servicing – all our mini-excavators feature smart design providing optimum access at three covers, facilitating servicing and maintenance. The filler neck is also easily accessible, allowing problem-free refuelling from petrol cans. And with three lifting points on the boom and dozer blade, loading by crane is quick and safe.

Mini-excavators – with Takeuchi Fleet Management (TFM)

Would you like to keep an eye on your mini-excavators at all times – from your office PC or when on the move? No problem! Our TB 240 models and higher come with Takeuchi Fleet Management (TFM) as standard. This function enables you to check where exactly your machines are and keeps you up to date on their performance data and maintenance intervals – remotely on your PC, tablet or smartphone and any time you like. This offers improved protection against misuse and theft and supports optimum scheduling of logistics and services. By the way, TFM can also be retrofitted to our other mini-excavator models!

Mini-excavators – Outstanding special features

The optional TAKLOCK quick-hitch system allows all attachments to be connected or disconnected simultaneously, speeding up the pace at your worksite. This saves valuable time when attaching hydraulic tools. Other features as the hydraulic quick-hitch for smooth tool changes like on our mini-excavator model TB 240, the power spade and the Symlock and LC tools make your work faster and easier.

Mini-excavators – Takeuchi quality at its best

The needs of excavator operators take centre stage, even in our smallest models – our mini-excavators. That’s how we create the ideal conditions for your everyday work. And Takeuchi’s hallmark design further focuses on maximum durability and economy.

To put it in a nutshell: Takeuchi’s mini-excavators are compact, highly robust workhorses that are raring to go!

Find out more about the individual mini-excavators on this website or contact your authorised Takeuchi dealer.