Schäfer – The champions among mini-dumpers

Use a Schäfer mini-dumper, and you opt for uncompromising top quality right from the start. With rated operating capacity ranging from 500 kg to 1.6 t, our mini-dumpers are second to none in terms of workmanship, durability, sophisticated design and economical operation. See for yourself!

Mini-dumpers – Tip the scales in your favour

Mini-dumpers must transport heavy loads, offer flexibility and durability, work in rough terrain and, above all, be reliable in use. Given this, we focus just as closely on the service life and robustness of these handy and compact construction machines as we do for any large excavator. Rugged construction, powerful engines with low fuel consumption and maximum safety are built into all our mini-dumpers, naturally combined with ease of operation and clearly laid out controls. Living up to the motto of ‘performance pays’, we tailor the design of our construction machines to the needs and requirements of the people who use them. Excavator operators and fleet managers appreciate the value of practical details and sophisticated design features, so that Schäfer’s mini-dumpers are welcome at all construction sites.

Mini-dumpers with high-performance engines

Long-lasting performance and productivity require never-ending power. And that’s exactly what the engines of our mini-dumpers deliver. Even the smallest model – the Schäfer D 500 mini-dumper with Honda-GX-200 petrol engine – packs a remarkable engine power of 4.7 kW (6.4 h.p.). The same model with a rugged Yanmar-L70N diesel engine delivers 4.9 kW (6.7 h.p.). The dumpers are fitted with a removable battery isolator switch as standard. Our DSK 800 D has a powerful Yanmar L100N diesel engine with 7.4 kW (10.0 h.p.). The dumper comes with a 10-l diesel tank, a fuel gauge and an electric starter. The lockable soundproof bonnet makes working with this model a particularly pleasant experience. The cyclone pre-cleaner extends durability significantly, even if it gets messy. The D 1600-MF3 three-way tipper, the largest of Schäfer’s mini-dumpers, boasts one of the highest-performance diesel engines in this category, with engine power of 19 kW (26 h.p.). The diesel tank of this model has a capacity of 16 l, plenty for even the longest workdays. Of course, this model also comes with fuel gauge and electric starter.

Mini-dumpers – Getting your construction site on track

The biggest fear at construction sites is that work could grind to a halt. Time for Schäfer mini-dumpers! When the going gets tough, their undercarriages offer multiple advantages. They offer the ideal lengths and robustness for coping with rough terrain. Two pairs of rocking rollers and an angled front track enable our dumpers to climb effortlessly and also overcome obstacles. All these features are supplied in our full range of models, starting with the smallest Schäfer mini-dumper, the D 500. The mechanical parking brake provides additional safety. Schäfer also supplies intelligent solutions for transport to and from the construction sites: all mini-dumpers have four anchor points on the undercarriage to ensure maximum safety during transport. An outstanding feature of our powerful D 1600-MF 3 three-way tipper is its driving performance, based on a hydrostatic drive with two speed levels. As an extremely practical solution, the integrated ride-on platform in this and other models can simply be folded upwards for transport or when space is limited at construction sites.

Mini-dumpers – Hard work made easy

However, high performance, premium quality and high-end workmanship are useless in a mini-dumper if it is difficult to operate. To address this, our priority is to ensure our Schäfer mini-dumpers are child’s play to operate. We want to make work smoother for construction workers, including old hands – for example, by providing easily accessible and sensitive hydraulic control levers and other features that offer great usability. The grab handle around our mini-dumpers also acts as a mechanical guard. All models are machines for true professionals and can be operated with one hand.

Mini-dumpers – The tipping point for flexible use and high capacities

Common features shared by all Schäfer mini-dumpers include flawless workmanship, top stability and the extremely high tip angle of the dumper bed. The dumper beds and chassis of Schäfer mini-dumpers are finished with high-quality powder coating, providing your machine with particularly long-term protection against harsh weather conditions. The dumper bed of our D 1600-MF3 three-way mini-dumper offers a triple helping of flexibility. It is designed for three-way hydraulic tipping, thus offering maximum flexibility in loading and unloading. But that’s not all, the dumper bed offers further practical advantages: maximum spaciousness makes our mini-dumper a strong companion in use. Easy and safe handling is assured with automatically opening and closing dumper bed side walls. With an ultraspacious loading area, the dumper bed is also outstandingly suitable for transporting EUR-pallets with dimensions 800 x 1,200 mm.

Mini-dumpers – Schäfer quality at its best

Our compact, powerful and economic mini-dumpers are the ideal equipment for moving large volumes of material in a short time. That’s because every single one of Schäfer’s mini-dumpers is designed and built to match the needs and requirements of today’s construction machinery operators and construction professionals. As a result, we add tangible value to your everyday work! Our mini-dumpers are absolutely indestructible and practical helpers on all construction sites.

Find out more about the mini-dumper models on this website or contact your authorised dealer.