Mid-size excavators – Combining performance with compact size

Hard-working yet reasonably sized: in the weight class between 6 and 12 t, Takeuchi’s mid-size excavator delivers winning performance. The mid-size excavator is a powerful all-rounder with 100 per cent reliability for all activities at your worksite.

Mid-size excavators – Get your projects moving

Our mid-size excavator is the ideal machine for tough gardening and landscaping jobs in confined areas or for moving large quantities of materials in earthwork operations. The compact power pack from innovation leader Takeuchi is agile and flexible and offers a level of productivity that is anything but mid-range. However, no two worksites are the same, and so we supply two versions of the TB 290-2 mid-size excavator – one with monoboom (CM) and one with two-piece-boom (CV).

But don’t take our word for it! Check out our two mid-size excavator models and find out about their many advantages. You’ll see they can’t be beaten in performance, cost efficiency and usability. All you need to do is decide which version is the better fit for your work-site requirements.

Mid-size excavators – Maximum power with minimum consumption and environmental impact

Looking for a strong and fuss-free helper in your company? We recommend our mid-size excavator TB 290-2. This little powerhouse is equipped with an extremely powerful engine with common-rail system and output of 51.4 kW (69.9 hp) – yet is easy on the environment, thanks to its DOC catalytic converter, diesel particulate filter for exhaust cleaning, eco-mode and automatic speed reduction for highly economical and quiet operation. After all, the mid-size excavator’s maximum power output is only needed for around 10% of typical excavator activities! In those cases, the PWR power module reliably delivers full power. Incidentally, the vertical exhaust outlet prevents damage to building façades and hedges, and protects people in the vicinity of the excavator from direct exposure to exhaust fumes.

Mid-size excavator – Your comfort zone at the worksite

We think all hard workers should be allowed to show their softer side. So Takeuchi has invested extensively in excellent features and unique comfort and convenience for our mid-size excavator models. Both the TB 290-2 CM and the TB 290-2 CV have four auxiliary hydraulic circuits, significantly simplifying work with sophisticated attachments and different functions. The mid-size excavator has a spacious, comfortable cabin and high seat position that offers great all-round vision. The air-cushioned seat is six-way adjustable to fit your needs. But even beyond this, we strive to make work as pleasant as possible for the operators of our mid-size excavator. For example, all joysticks in our mid-size excavator are ergonomically arranged. With proportional drive and hydraulic control, they provide both sensitive and precise operation throughout the entire lifetime of a mid-size excavator.

Mid-size excavator –At-a-glance control

Want to stay in the picture about what’s happening at your worksite? No problem – with the LCD display of our TB 290-2 mid-size excavator. A quick look at the main screen brings you up to date about the machine’s current operating status. The main screen also shows the litre settings for the first auxiliary circuit – even 24/7 if you want. Our day-night design ensures excellent readability in all conditions, even in the brightest sunshine. And if your mid-size excavator needs servicing, we’ve made this task as easy as possible for you. The TB 290-2 is cleverly designed to provide unhindered access to all engine and hydraulic units. Thanks to the wide-opening steel bonnet and gas pressure absorber, servicing and maintenance of our mid-size excavator are child’s play.

Mid-size excavators – Smooth worksite operators

The undercarriage is designed in high quality to offer multiple benefits: Short-pitch rubber chains and triple-flange rollers minimise vibration during operation. The hydraulic automatic chain tensioner prolongs the service life of the rubber chains – helping to ensure the TB 290-2 can run and run without needing to be serviced. But what if you don’t want rubber chains? Even in this case, Takeuchi’s TB 290-2 is so versatile that it’s still the ideal choice for your needs. The universal undercarriages enable a whole variety of different chain types to be fitted. No conversion needed!

Mid-size excavator – Outstanding special features

The optional TAKLOCK quick-hitch system allows you to connect or disconnect all attachments simultaneously, speeding up the pace at your worksite. This saves valuable time when attaching hydraulic tools. Other features that make your work faster and easier include the hydraulic quick-hitch for smooth tool changes, the power shovel and the Symlock and LC tools. Of course these features are available for both models of our mid-size excavator.

Mid-size excavators – Takeuchi quality at its best

Our mid-size excavators are the perfect middle ground, focusing fully on your need for maximum support in your everyday work – over as many years as possible. The excellent quality of Takeuchi’s mid-size excavator ensures low maintenance costs and reduced downtime – and makes them a pleasure to work with.

Find out more about the individual mid-size excavators on this website or contact your authorised Takeuchi dealer.