Hybrid excavators – the zero-emission time savers

Choose our unique Takeuchi diesel-electric hybrid excavators and save valuable time. Their innovative technology enables you to avoid emissions without having to resort to laborious manual work.

Hybrid excavators – Dual power for double the benefits

Are you planning the rehabilitation of a building, interior demolition work or an inner-city construction site? If so, here’s a tip: at all these sites, you can reap double benefits in the future by using our clean and quiet hybrid excavators. First of all, these diesel-electric excavators offer extreme flexibility. Use diesel mode to drive them to and from the construction site. And at the construction site itself? On-site, the integrated electric motor delivers the same top performance as the diesel engine. The only difference is that in electric mode, the hybrid excavator offers zero-emission operation, and thus complies with present and future occupational health and safety as well as environmental protection regulations.

Are you interested in the details of the only series-produced hybrid excavator family? In the following find out more about all further benefits and how you can simply lease a diesel-electric hybrid excavator.

Hybrid excavators – Quiet power for your construction site

With Takeuchi, you are the one in control: simply switch to electric power whenever you need efficient zero-emission, low-noise operation, and benefit from the performance of a powerful electric motor with output of 9.1 kW (12.3 h.p.) in the TB 210 RH model, 10.6 kW (14.4 h.p.) in the TB 216 SH model, 17.5 kW (23.0 h.p.) in the TB 228 H and 21.5 kW (28.5 h.p.) in the TB 235 H. Besides, in electric mode our hybrid excavators offer the same power as in diesel mode, but at significantly reduced operating costs and with lower servicing and maintenance needs. After all, the electric motor requires no additional maintenance and offers ideal access for repairs. Our hybrid excavators thus save valuable time for you and your construction site. And by far the most useful feature of our hybrid excavators is their outstanding ease of operation, featuring automatic switching to electric mode and throttle-based power control.

Hybrid excavators – For excellent performance indoors and outdoors

Our hybrid diesel-electric excavators are an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor activities and keep you far ahead of the competition! Work no longer has to be all-manual without machine support – not even structural restorations or strip-outs, interior demolition applications, enclosed or inner-city construction sites or operations in pedestrian zones. Their zero-emission, low-noise electric operation means that you ensure today that you will be in compliance with the regulations of the future. After all, construction companies and property developers (e.g. city councils) are obliged to provide the best possible state-of-the-art protection for operators, residents and passers-by. Takeuchi hybrid excavators with electric and diesel drives thus offer you clear competitive edge.

Hybrid excavators – Benefit without investing with our leasing model

Even if you are not regularly engaged in inner-city or enclosed construction work for which you would need an diesel-electric hybrid excavator, there’s no need to lose out on its benefits if the need arises. Our hybrid models can be leased from EUR 180 per day.

Hybrid excavator TB 210 RH – The compact power package

The TB 210 RH is the ideal excavator for construction sites in confined and enclosed spaces. First of all, its hybrid diesel-electric drive system delivers powerful operation without exhaust emissions. Secondly, the dimensions of the TB 210 RH are so compact and manoeuvrable that it can even pass through doorways. Its adjustable undercarriage and foldable ROPS bar make the TB 210 RH even more nimble.

Hybrid excavator TB 216 SH – The true all-rounder

There is virtually no challenge that the TB 216 SH hybrid excavator cannot tackle. Its standard diesel-electric dual drive and up to four auxiliary circuits allow easy use of all the most important attachments from power tilt to multipurpose grabber, or even all together. In addition, Takeuchi’s larger hybrid excavator delivers excellent quality and impressive dynamics.

Hybrid excavator TB 228 H – The reliable workhorse

This is a machine you can rely on 100%. The hybrid diesel-electric excavator TB 228 H with powerful dual drive will never let you down – indoors or outdoors. It offers top-level safety and a very pleasant workplace – zero-emission, low-noise and high convenience.

Outstanding special features

The optional TAKLOCK quick-hitch system speeds up the pace at your construction site. The system allows you to connect and disconnect all attachments at once, saving valuable time when attaching hydraulic tools. Other features that make your work faster and easier include the hydraulic quick-hitch for smooth tool changes, the power spade and the Symlock and LC tools.

Takeuchi – Quality at its best

Innovation leader Takeuchi has developed hybrid excavators that have elevated it to one of the front runners on the market. Takeuchi’s hybrid excavators are the only standard solution, and already fulfil tomorrow’s requirements today. After all, regulations governing occupational health and safety and environmental protection not only represent essential guiding principles for construction companies and property developers; they are also continuously updated and advanced in step with technological progress. The relevant “Technical Regulation for Hazardous Materials” (TRGS 554), for example, sets forth protection of people and the environment “according to the latest state of the art”. By opting for an innovative and high-quality hybrid excavator, you and your construction company are making the right choice. You stay on the safe side and protect yourself, your teams and the entire construction site environment from noise and unhealthy exhaust fumes.

Find out more about the hybrid excavator models on this website or contact your authorised Takeuchi dealer.