Compact excavators – best in class

Takeuchi’s compact excavators are in their element where effortless removal of  large amounts of materials is required. Weighing in at between 8 and 16 t, they take effectiveness, precision and comfort to new levels.

Compact excavators – the convenient solution

Combining an array of features with ultra-sleek size, Takeuchi’s compact excavators deliver impressive power that is only matched by their convenience. The compact excavator, in an innovative design with lateral displacement, has an extra-strong dozer blade for extra-high lift. In terms of efficiency and convenience, our TB 2150 compact excavator is the champ in its weight class. It is available in three different models: TB 2150 C with swinging drawbar and mono boom, TB 2150 R CM with mono boom mounted next to the cab, and TB 2150 R CV with two-piece-boom mounted next to the cab. All TB 2150 versions come with load-sensing hydraulics which continuously adjust power consumption to the consumers, thereby reducing fuel consumption. Further advantages include precision control and constant operating speed in simultaneous use of various functions.

Compact excavators – Mighty little machines with cutting-edge engines

Our TB 2150 R compact excavator has an even more powerful engine with common rail system and 85kW (115 PS). The Stage IV engine has AdBlue, DOC catalytic converter, active diesel particulate filter and SCR exhaust cleaning for exceptionally environmentally friendly operation. Despite its powerful engine, the compact excavator is extremely efficient. The PWR selectable power mode (actually only needed for 10 % of standard excavating work) immediately delivers maximum power output whenever it is needed. Operation in ECO mode and automatic speed reduction further minimise wear.

Compact excavators – Attractive features that enhance flexibility

To streamline your work and improve your efficiency, we’ve incorporated a host of good ideas into our TB 2150 compact excavator. Four hydraulic auxiliary cycles for adding sophisticated attachments, guaranteeing maximum efficiency. Individual adjustments of the pressure and litre settings in auxiliary cycles 1, 2 and 4 quickly align the flowrate to the tools used, boosting the flexibility of the compact excavator. The TB 2150 R is available with two different boom models: two-piece-boom CV and monoblock CM. It also comes with two lift cylinders. Pressure and litre settings for three different attachments can be adjusted in auxiliary cycle 1. High-flow mode extends to as much as 224 l/min. Our compact excavator is thus ideal for operating even high-flow hydraulic tools, such as asphalt milling or stump milling cutters or vibratory plates.

Stay on the safe side

Daily load-lifting operations impose tough demands on modern construction machinery. When we devised the standard equipment of our TB 2150 compact excavator, we gave special consideration to this fact. Pipe rupture valves and load-holding valves on the lifting cylinder and dipstick cylinder are as important for our high quality standard as are further safety devices – such as overload warning devices on the lifting cylinder according to EN 474-5:2006 + A2:2013 Earth-moving machinery – Safety. The TB 2150 also boasts load-sensing hydraulics which offer a host of benefits. Continuous adjustment of power consumption to the consumers noticeably reduces fuel consumption, while the significantly extended fine tuning range enables high-precision control. It thus comes as no surprise that Takeuchi’s compact excavator is a favourite among excavator professionals.

Compact excavator –Outstanding machine with outstanding special features

The optional TAKLOCK quick-hitch system allows all attachments to be connected or disconnected simultaneously, speeding up the pace at your worksite. This saves valuable time when attaching hydraulic tools. The power shovel is the ideal addition to your range of scoops and buckets. This tool enables the compact excavator to manage even challenging tasks with extreme precision. The hydraulic quick-hitch ensures perfect tool changes. It offers maximum flexibility in use, with an operating range of 2 x 60° plus optimum manoeuvrability thanks to the original Powertilt attachment.

A cab tailored for comfort, convenience and control

Hard workers value smooth processes and convenient, ergonomic handling. With this in mind, convenience was one of our priorities when we designed our compact excavator TB 2150. The joystick arrangement with integrated operating elements for auxiliary hydraulic cycles is just one example of this convenience in action. The proportional drive and control of auxiliary cycles 1, 2 and 4 and the hydraulically controlled levers support particularly sensitive and precise operation. The hydraulic control system ensures zero backlash and smooth lever operation throughout the entire lifetime of the excavator.

Feel at home in our comfy cabs

Our compact excavators come with spacious comfortable cabs and high seat positions that offer great all-round vision. And that’s not all! Other features include: Comfortable air-cushioned seat adjustable to 6 positions and with seat heating for the ultimate in ergonomic and healthy sitting. Automatic air-conditioning system with air recirculation for a pleasant cab atmosphere. And after a hard day, you can leave your compact excavator comfortably through the extra-wide entrance and exit. Music to construction workers’ ears: our compact excavator cabs are complete with an AM/FM radio with Bluetooth and AUX input for MP3 players. And there’s more. Behind the operator’s seat there is space and a power outlet to connect a cool box, catering to the operators’ wellbeing in their compact “worksite offices”.

Everything under control

A glance at the clearly laid-out LCD display, and you’re up to date about the machine’s current operating status in seconds. The display also allows you to call up the various pressure and litre settings for the first, second and fourth auxiliary cycle. To make operation even simpler, we have optimised the LCD colour display. Day-and-night design delivers improved legibility and symbols in a display layout that is now even clearer and simpler.

Compact excavators – Takeuchi quality at its best

Our powerfully built compact excavators offer ideal workplaces for machine operators. And no wonder, because operators’ needs and wishes are the baseline for the planning and design of all our Takeuchi compact excavators. That’s how we create the ideal conditions for your everyday work! And Takeuchi’s hallmark design further focuses on maximum durability and economy.

In a nutshell, Takeuchi’s compact excavators are the gold standard for all challenging worksites.

Find out more about the individual compact excavators on this website or contact your authorised Takeuchi dealer.